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News of The Royal Wedding in 2011

I expect you have all heard of the fantastic news of the 2011 wedding plans of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince William and Kate Middleton gave their first interview on British television last night, they were both extremely relaxed. Kate was wearing Prince William’s late mothers engagement ring, which is set with a large sapphire within a circle of diamonds. Both seemed very excited about the wedding as expected.
Few brides remain unscarred by the ordeal of organising a wedding at just a few months’ notice. But when your wedding venue is a toss-up between the cathedral and the abbey, your fiancé is second in line to the throne, the guest list is packed with heads of state, and a sixth of humanity is expected to tune in to watch you say your vows live on television, there is only one thing for it: you have to hand the whole thing over to the control of the in-laws.
Fortunately for Kate Middleton, the Windsors have a team of in-house wedding planners who can put on a show like no one else and are famous for an unrivalled attention to detail.
Within the Royal Household, the Lord Chamberlain’s Office will take the lead in organising the wedding but Clarence House, where Prince William has an office, will also have a major input, as will the Government, Westminster Council and the police. The Queen is expected to have the final say on key arrangements.
She has just cancelled the Buckingham Palace staff Christmas party, displaying an awareness that the Royal Family must not be unnecessarily extravagant in difficult economic times. However, for the wedding, she will want to stage an event that can be enjoyed by the nation.
When she married in 1947, the Queen used 300 clothing coupons to buy the material for her dress and most of the cost of the wedding came from savings George VI had made during the war from the Civil List.
There has been speculation that William would not choose to marry at St Paul’s Cathedral because it was where his parents’ doomed marriage began. However, Westminster Abbey will be full of difficult memories; the funeral of his mother was held there. The Abbey became the royal wedding venue of first choice last century. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were among the royals who wed there.
If William and Miss Middleton wanted to revert to the earlier tradition of more intimate royal nuptials, an outside bet would be the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks. His close friend, Nicholas van Cutsem, married there last year.
If the couple dream of a congregation full of friends and relatives they may be disappointed. Certainly many pals, like Thomas van Straubenzee, whom he has known since prep school, the nightclub promoter Guy Pelly, the van Cutsem brothers, Jamie Murray Wells, the founder of Glasses Direct, and Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly, will attend. And there will be many relatives, including numerous distant cousins from European royal households, whose faces will be as familiar as their place in the family tree.
But there will also be Commonwealth heads of state, politicians and, possibly, even newspaper editors, who cannot be described as part of the social circle of the Prince, his bride, or their families.
The Middletons own a children’s party business, Party Pieces. But for all their expertise (you can get a “princess party ultimate party kit” for just £21.40) they are unlikely to be called upon to choose the fizz for the wedding breakfast.
The wedding does mean that there will be huge interest in London, England, Scotland and Wales.
For example London: Buckingham Palace and two potential wedding venues St Paul’s Cathedral (where Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married) and Westminster Abbey. England: Weekend home of the Royal family at Windsor Castle. Wales: William is the future Prince of Wales and King and he is also stationed with the Royal Air Force in North Wales….and lastly, Scotland: St Andrew’s University is where Prince William and Kate Middleton met while taking a degree in the history of art. I’m sure UK-Wide tours will be popular in 2011, therefore Luxury Vacations UK have the knowledge and resources to help you plan extended tours of the entire UK for you and your clientele.

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