perugia    happy holidays! 
     from all of my recent travels I chose this simple photo for my holiday greeting.
     my partner john and nephew ilan are in a little piazza away from the crowds in perugia, the capital of umbria.  the town’s a bit over an hour east   florence and where I lived in college for a while.
     i like that ilan is doing his own thing – absorbing his first trip out of the country. john’s happily mugging for the shot. there’s a local hanging out the window of a building that was probably built in the 14th century. it’s just a comfortable picture of where I enjoyed a few months when I was 20, and what I was able to share with my family many years later.
     and that creates a great mood with which to celebrate the holidays.
     all the best for a wonderful 2011 ahead from john, from me and from perugia.
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