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This is a most interesting account of the origin of Santa and Christmas.  It’s from one of my preferred travel partners who helps me create fabulous customized luxury vacations in Turkey — Turkey At Its Best.  Engin, my friend and contact there, also credits a Turkish sumeriologist named Dr. Muazzez Ilmiye Cig in this account.
” You may not know that Turkey and Turks have played a rather unique role in the history of Christmas Holiday celebrations:  First of all, Santa Claus was from Demre (ancient Myra),  on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.  He was the Bishop of Patara, and a kind and giving man, who assisted poor brides-to-be by secretly placing  gifts in their homes.  He probably wore a toga and sandals, rather than a fur coat and hat, as he lived in a rather hot climate!  His gift giving  became well known in the area, and he was eventually made a saint.  Today, you can visit his church in Demre and the site where he was buried.  Alas, his tomb was robbed by sailors from Bari (Italy)  who took his remains there; he was re-buried under a church that bears his name.
Turkish Christmas TreeNow, something else you may not know is that Turks, whose original homeland was Central Asia, had celebrated a holiday called “Nar Tugan” in pagan times, 3000-4000 years ago.   “Nar” means sun and “Tugan” means  birth, so it meant the birth of the sun;  interestingly enough, Noel also means “day of birth”.   Ancient Turks believed in one God, creator of the world, and they called him “Tengri”.   One of their demigods was Ulghen, to whom they prayed on December 22, to ask that the sun be returned to them after the longest night of the year.  They had a sacred spruce tree which was believed to symbolize the center of the earth;  they decorated it with ribbons and placed gifts under it.  All the people in town dressed in new clothes for the occasion, wished for good fortune,  and had big family feasts, just like we now have during Christmas.  This symbolic  “Tree of Life” can still be seen in the designs of Turkish carpets and tiles.
It seems that Ulghen of the Turks eventually became the symbol of “Santa” for Christians; you can see that  the caftans, fur-trimmed hats, big belts, and high boots that the Turks wore in those days are now  parts of the Santa Claus costume in our times.
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