As a travel agent with a large luxury cruise business, as a former employee of Carnival Corporation’s Seabourn Cruise Line division and as somebody who used to live in Tuscany (where the ship sank) I have been particularly interested in the development of the tragedy of the Costa Concordia.

My biggest surprise and concern has been Carnival Corp’s perceived lack of presence on the scene in Italy, and therefore perceived lack of interest. The news is coming out of Italy via interviews with the belligerent captain, but where is Carnival? If I were a Director of the largest cruise conglomerate in the world I think I’d be up front and center, assuring the world that a full investigation will be conducted across all the company’s brands including Princess and Holland America. Costa probably is managed in a hands off fashion, as is their practice with their brands, but this disaster requires the intervention of the top senior management.

I’m leaving with a group on a Seabourn cruise in 2 weeks and I feel confident that all will be fine, and that our captain (a Scots I understand) won’t be grandstanding as we pass through the Virgin Islands.


One Thought on “Costa Concordia and Carnival Corp”

  • I agree with you Josh. Where’s Carnival’s stepped up presence in Italy during these times? I have heard from a friend who is crew on a Carnival ship based out of the US East Coast and he indicated they have new mandatory 5 hour training on emergency procedures this week. So it’s obvious the cruise line IS stepping up their training and readiness. Perhaps they are reluctant to trumpet that as it might point to some additional culpability on their part? Bottomline, you are right! They should be much more visible and involved.

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