This very interesting update is from a woman I know who represents a modern ryokan in Kyoto, Japan.    Sounds like a fascinating event:
Today, I would like to introduce something very unusual. It is a once-in-a-life-time experience of Japan.  I am sure this is something no other hotels in Japan but only HOSHINOYA could and would offer.
The Night at the “Kyogen”

HOSHINOYA Kyoto invites you to see and play(!) for yourself a Japanese historical performing art, Kyogen, in the property, at its Hidden Garden.
Kyogen is a spoken comedy drama that was developed in the 14th century in Japan.  It depicts everyday life of common people in the feudal society such as a fight between a couple or a chain of failures caused by a stupid mistake.  In the laughter, though, Kyogen also sharply portraits the true human nature which is universal in time and places.  Kyogen is now listed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.
It is a very rare opportunity even for Japanese to see and participate in, at such a small venue, the 600-year-old show performed by the Shigeyama Family which have practiced the inherited art for over 400 years. You may not need any explanation to laugh because the stories and performance are easy to follow. However, for you to enjoy and appreciate it thoroughly, we will provide English pamphlets and language supporting staff. 
The show will be on only 2 nights in April and for guests only.
Dates:  April 28 and 29, 2012
Time:   4:30 PM ~
Place:   Hidden Garden at HOSHINOYA Kyoto
Rates:   Special rates are shown in the website

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  • This is great! What a cultural historical experience you can get. Josh, you are such a great travel advisor!!

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