I’m sitting on my porch and a lizard is scurrying up the tree right here in front of me. There are little (I assume baby) bunnies everywhere, although now at 2PM they’re likely in their holes. These adorable little creatures should be out in a couple of hours. There are butterflies, lots of birds and yesterday I saw a few horses [that deserves another post] and a horny toad.
Geez. My post before I left San Francisco was really a bit angry and very cynical. I apologize!  We’ve now been at Miraval 48 hours and it’s very different than I expected. All these people are really into fitness and health.  When I was told the dress was very casual and that people wore athletic gear to the restaurant I really didn’t belive it all that much.  But then people come here to do spa stuff — a lot of spa stuff. While this lifestyle is not for me I can totally get it. And as far as the ‘way out’ stuff like astrology, I think you really need to look for it. It’s barely noticeable.
So I’m pretty relaxed now I’d say. I’ve napped a lot, had a spa treatment and the biggest and best surprise of all, is that I’ve dined very very well.

Miraval Berries
Berries at Miraval

I’m always comparing restaurants when I travel to San Francisco because that’s where I live, and it’s hard to live up to those standards. Miraval does a really great job at that. The chef, Chad Luethje, is awesome. He really is.  The cuisine is creative, it’s tasty, it’s healthful and it makes you think about what you usually eat and what you could eat. What we eat is a choice, and I think we tend to forget that with our busy lives. We’re also used to eating that which our culture has told us to eat for as many years as we are old. So when you don’t get a piece of fish smothered with sauce, but instead just grilled with a fruit-vegi salsa, it’s a great wake up call that you can choose what you want.  I hope that lesson comes home with me.
More later about spa treatments, equine experience and whatever else I’ve yet to experience.
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Miraval | View from my Patio
Miraval | View from my Patio

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