Here are my quick perspectives on some of the top hotels in Maui. I’ve been to Hawaii many times including several visits to ths wonderful island. Hope you find this helpful while working with me to plan your perfect customized luxury vacation in Hawaii. Reach me in San Francisco at 415.987.0372.

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

A most amazing hotel and I’m sorry I waited so long to see it.  Typically when we travel to Maui we stay in Wailea. Force of habit, and the Four Seasons (see below) is a great place.
The Ritz is nothing like the Four Seasons, or the other hotels in Wailea mentioned below. It’s its own world in the northwest corner of the island. Whereas other resorts are lined up on the beach, this place sits on a gazillion acres and is all by itself.  The beach is a very good size, and private (not technically, but might as well be).  You can have a fabulous pulled Hawaiian pork sandwich just steps away which the day we were there was perfect. Strangely in Maui, it’s not easy to find a place where you can practically be in the water while dining, so this is a big deal.
The rooms are absolutely beautiful. I’d call it classic Hawaiian, and fits in with a 21st century sensibility. So it’s not your grandma’s classic — it’s yours.  The rooms aren’t big, so I’d recommend a suite, and since the hotel is priced so well, that’s within reach of all of my clients. And of course, we include the Josh Friedman Luxury Travel/Virtuoso amenities of free daily breakfast for two, a room credit of $100 per stay and an upgrade if available. (All subject to change.)
The hotel is large with about 450 rooms, and this affords several swimming pools, restaurants, a spa, tennis courts and more. And for kids (and adults) Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment.

Fairmont Kea Lani

In Wailea, this 350 room resort has a more typical layout and because it’s not huge like the Ritz it can feel a bit busy. The rooms however, are huge and all are suites which is really nice when you wake up before your partner and want a cup of coffee from the Keurig.
It’s a great family hotel with pools, slides, the big rooms & kid friendly everything. Service is fantastic with a very authentic and sincere feeling. I got the sense that the staff honestly meant what they said, and said it in a way where it was not forced.
We include the Josh Friedman Luxury Travel/Virtuoso amenities of free daily breakfast for two, a welcome amenity valued at up to $100 and an upgrade if available. (All subject to change.)

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

We’ve stayed here twice before and love this place. They’re all family friendly — you kind of have to be these days because nobody leaves their children at home any more!  But this resort is geared toward sophisticated adults, similar to the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Because it’s smaller at about 250 rooms (there are less groups than the Ritz)  and because the grounds are a fraction of what’s in Kapalua, it has a more intimate feel.  And the adult pool is heavenly, but it is hard to find a seat there.
Service is through the ceiling as Four Seasons is known for.  But sometimes I do wish they’d lighten up and relax a bt on the job. We had a wonderful house Mai Tai in the lobby bar, followed a romantic Italian dinner down close to beach at Ferraro’s.
As a top producer for Four Seasons we include the Josh Friedman Luxury Travel/”Preferred Partner”  amenities of free daily breakfast for two, a room credit of $100 per stay, an upgrade if available and basic Internet. (All subject to change/some restrictions apply.)

Andaz Maui at Wailea

This resort just opened up and we stopped by for a sunset cocktail. And they have a great location and set up so you’re facing the ocean dead-on for this traditional daily activity.  The resort is clearly targeted to the well-to-do  30s-40s crowd.  Although I’m no longer in that demographic I loved the contemporary design. It’s stunning: very sexy. Very fun. And the service was very real, similar to what we experienced at Kea Lani and at the Ritz Kapalua.  There’s no check-in deck which is great, so it’s handled more casually in the lobby.
I didn’t see the rooms, so can’t comment there.
Photos from the trip.
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