What is Crystal Cruises up to these days? New Owners. New Cash. New Products. Here’s an update:
The Crystal Esprit, the owner’s former yacht is currently taking reservations for 7 day itineraries beginning this November. Up until August 31st,agents can only book Crystal Society members, but after that anyone can be reserved. The yacht will have 31 staterooms and will spend the Winter in the Seychelles and then in April will move to an Adriatic itinerary. The yacht has a two person “submarine” as well as a 32 foot Widder boat within its structure. Please note, there is no elevator onboard and zodiacs will be used in many landings, so this is not an option for anyone with physical disabilities.
Crystal Riverboats – Differentiating them from all the others out there, they will be all-suite, butler service with 70 suites onboard. They will visit 6 countries and the cruise length will be slightly longer as itineraries will attempt to avoid the unpacking/packing of pre and post hotels, by adding upfront overnights and ending overnights onboard, so that guests will have to only unpack once. There will be multiple included shore excursions, but also options to purchase distinct adventures.
Crystal Cruise Ships (traditional)– three new ships with 1,000 guests and 1,000 staff. They will have marinas off the back, a helicopter and a submarine. They will be ICE class. Up to 48 residences will be featured at a beginning cost of $US 5Million. The cabins will be all suites and open seating dining with multiple venues.
Crystal Luxury Air – A 787 Dreamliner is reconfigured for 60 guests. The first of every month will offer a 28 day itinerary with differing themes such as 3 star Michelin dining around the world, best spas of the world, Unesco sites of the world for example. Prices start at $100,000 per person. Unlimited baggage is included so if clients purchase large artwork or whatever, it will be in the cargo hold with them and then sent on to their homes upon return.

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