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Q.     We have one quick question for you…… can you suggest suitcases for us? I don’t think what we have will work very well for this trip which is 2 weeks to Italy and England this coming December. We are 3 adults and 3 teenagers of all ages.
A.     Hi.. .that’s not such a quick question for somebody like me. I hate packing but let’s see.
Several small cases – one per person are probably better than a few bigger ones as they’re easier to carry/roll and airlines will accept them better.
So I’d say each person has 1 medium size bag to check on 2 or 4 rollers. I prefer the bags where the roller mechanism is on the outside or else it makes for uneven and bumpy packing. But these are rare.

And then 1 back pack (like you’d take to school) for maps, books, medicines, toothbrush, passports, etc.).  While rolling the bags to/from wherever you can put the pack pack on top if you don’t want it on your back.
And get TSA locks although sometimes you can’t use them internationally in which case you take your chances….josh friedman luxury travel
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Josh Friedman is an old-fashioned travel agent offering highly personalized 24/7 service. Specialties include high-end and bespoke luxury travel for small groups and individuals.  His areas of expertise include ultra-luxury cruises, customized vacations & luxury hotel stays.  He also plans spectacular honeymoons, anniversary and birthday celebrations and completes trips that clients have started and just can’t quite figure out how to finish.
His relationships built over twenty years with the world’s top hotels, cruise lines and local agencies will ensure your successful vacation. As a client you get exclusive and complimentary perks that you can’t get on your own — from VIP introduction to the hotel’s management to upgrades, scrumptious breakfasts and hotel spending credits.
Call Josh for details, excellent pricing, the ultimate in service & exclusive hotel amenities with Virtuoso.
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