I’m finally relaxed after a week in Hawaii. Amazing how much time it takes. Used to be 5 nights was good.  Now it’s clearly 7.  I’ll just blame in on my urban lifestyle. A successful business I will admit adds to that. But all’s good.
On this trip, I’ve now seen 3 of the 4 Four Seasons Resorts in Hawaii – Maui (Wailea), Big Island (Hualalai) and Oahu (Ko Olina).  Just arrived Oahu so that post will follow.
Hualalai is the opposite of the other 3 (including Four Seasons Lanai which I saw 2 years ago). Instead of high rises there are 2 story bungalows spread out on a fairly long stretch of coastline, and bungalows behind them.  Several swimming pools, from adults only to kid friendly to tres chic to “swimming with fish” dot that coastline. Same with the restaurants. There’s a huge gym/spa and lap pool set back, next to tennis courts, a wonderful store for an early AM coffee and pastry. The lobby is back in there as well.
Service is very Four Seasons which is over the top super friendly and accommodating. On an island with zero percent unemployment this is not easy to accomplish but it’s done well. Maui continues to be more cosmopolitan and things run fast and on LA/NY time. You won’t find that pace here, in the more relaxed Hawaii.
At Hualalai, I adore the gym/pool/spa.  It’s really damn gorgeous and huge. You could spend the entire morning or afternoon here. Outdoor his & her gardens are wonderful, so shed it all if you like.
I also truly love love the main restaurant here which sits directly on the beach. Amazing that the waves don’t come up to the table. I’ve been here before and it’s probably the most romantic restaurant I’ve ever been to. If I can think of another one, I’ll update. The breakfast buffet (free if you book with me) is unreal. Beats the FS Maui (sorry). Yesterday I had lots of papaya and bacon, a balanced meal ?
My room was actually pretty great. The big question clients have about Four Seasons Hualalai is should I take a room downstairs with the outdoor shower, or upstairs (prime) with the ‘better’ ocean view and balcony.  From my downstairs ocean view room in the Palm Court section, I had the best of everything – ocean view (with the waves at eye level not far away), an outdoor shower (yes, very very cool) and very close (30 second walk) to the adults only pool, with its own bar.  Yes, heaven.  So downstairs or upstairs? If you’ve never been to a beach resort or if you just love the (higher/better) water view, go upstairs. Otherwise, I really loved that lower location.
And thanks Four Seasons Hualalai for meeting me (and every guest) right at the Kona airport, even though I had a rental car. That’s a super nice touch.
And one last thanks to my contacts here who take such great care of my clients. We’re a Four Seasons Preferred Partner agency. This is their highest level program which flags bookings at a high VIP level. And of course any bookings from me usually puts a smile on their face too.
Aloha & Mahalo!
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