Just arrived for the start of a Four Seasons Private Jet Experience! The excitement is palpable.  As a top producer for private jet tours I’ve been invited to sample the trip, and we’re starting in Seattle.

So far we’ve checked into our rooms at the very sophisticated and low key Four Seasons Seattle. Nice to see a fireplace, even in September, in this somewhat chilly town.  Took a walk to the City’s Capitol Hill area, just 20 minutes away.  Everything from Prada to tattoos.

Tonight’s welcome reception and dinner is at Chihuly Garden and Glass, a Seattle luxury landmark.

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Last night we were scheduled for a private tour at Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum followed by a private dinner there as well. That happened, but we were also treated to a surprise visit to the Space Needle which is next door. For me, a  mid century modern fan, this was the evening’s highlight. I hadn’t been here since I was 19, and the architecture (not to mention the views) was just fantastic.  The revolving GLASS floor was a bit daunting. Not sure how I got the courage to step on it!

Chihuly catered our dinner, btw, and it was excellent. And as I’ve said before, I’m a San Francisco food elitist.  The gardens lit at night are stunning and the glass boat tableau was really something.

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The Flight
What I liked best about the flight was the sense that you felt you were in a friend’s very chic, buy comfy, living room. Because the entire plane is just “one class” and there are no bulkheads you can see from one end to the other.  So if you want to chat with your friend a bunch of rows back you can wave and then go over. 

Or if you want to relax (& even sleep) you can do that too and it’s fairly private.  Remember though that the plane is not used for overnight flights and the longest flight isn’t all that long so it’s really ‘just transportation.’  But very fun transport at that.  While on board one will have lectures from experts (you can listen through your headphones), casual and snazzier meals, and a very relaxed British flight crew who is really enjoying the ride.  The plane, btw, is British and lives near London.

Hualalai (The Four Seasons on the Big Island)
I’ve been to all the Four Seasons in Hawaii and to Hualalai several times.  I believe it’s about to go through a renovation to get rid of the 90s bathrooms, but besides that it’s a great place.  The beach for starters – it’s not huge or wide but it’s beautiful (see the pix). And the main restaurant is right there on it so it doesn’t get more magical than that.  The grounds are lush and relaxing and the spa is massive and one could easily stay there all day. 


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