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The Future of Travel | 2021 - 2022

I'll bet most of you don't know that at the height of the 1st tech boom around 2000 I was a market research analyst covering travel e-commerce for IDC, a market intelligence firm out of Boston. Check me out here! And here.

My job was to analyze trends in ecommerce and travel and predict the future. I think that was even our tagline. I've never had a job that stretched me like that one - it was like a 2nd MBA. I got some of it right, like predicting that Expedia would go brick-and-mortar (it's now a franchise) and the below. Looking back on some of what I wrote, it's pretty amusing and I love this comment:

Common sense will tell the traveler that overall better deals and more choice are best served by a travel agency, not a supplier’s corporate site or that of a complicated emarketplace.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN 2021 | Sure looks like travel within the 50 states, Mexico and the Caribbean are the winners. And it's looking good for the southern and eastern Mediterranean later this summer. Hopefully the UK & Iceland too. But I'm not sure about the rest of Europe and I'm not predicting it. Actually, I'm not predicting a whole lot anymore.

Here in the Lower 48, you can travel through Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Colorado on luxury trains or stay in a fabulous Aman property or on a dude ranch. Or do something else, like San Diego, Santa Barbara, Seattle. All our USA luxury resorts are here.

I'm seeing interest in Hawaii. It's the relaxation on US terra firma that many travelers want and right now you just need a simple Covid test to go. My clients love all the Four Seasons hotels there, on the Big Island, Maui, Lanai and Oahu. And there are of course many other wonderful hotels, large and smaller. Here's a list with description of many of them.

You can travel to Alaska too.

I'm also seeing interest in Mexico if you're comfortable crossing the border . Check out many of our Mexico offerings here. Just booked the Banyan Tree Mayakoba this week.

And the Caribbean including the Bahamas, St Martin, Barbados and Bermuda up the coast have been seeing tourists at their fabulous resorts - BelmondFour SeasonsOne & Only and more. And they should be seeing more as Celebrity Cruises, Crystal Cruises & Royal Caribbean have all announced sailings from these ports starting as early as July 2021. These are so new, they're not even on their websites.

WHAT'S HAPPENING IN 2022 | Let's hope everything. I'm booking cruises already from Australia & New Zealand to South America, Alaska, he Baltic and the Mediterranean.

Join me for another JOSH TALK Thursday April 22 at 1PM PDT with Seabourn. The cruise industry is ready to return, so sign up for this webinar to learn more about Seabourn's offering. I used to work for them and I still think they're awesome!

After you sign up, go to your local pharmacy or community center and get vaccinated! It's becoming clear that if you'd like to travel via air internationally or take a cruise from anywhere, you're going to be required to be vaccinated. We are and and I hope you are too!



Photo credits: Josh (anybody other than my friend Paul know what's in the picture above? Hint: The coasters are a clue as to what the other item is. And want to see ALL my photos? Click here

Note: The US Government is requiring a negative Covid test to renter the USA

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