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Silversea Cruises is proud to showcase this series of impressions about the Galápagos. The series
of three pieces also includes Animal Noises and Espanto y Miedo (Fright and Fear). All originally
appeared in Milan-based Cartography Magazine as a result of its journalists’ trips to the
Galápagos, where they sailed on Silver Origin.

Our tale of these unique and precious islands could start from the colors, but it’d be too
predictable, a list of banal and tired clichés. So we’d be better off not starting from the cobalt feet
of the blue-footed boobies, that’s too obvious, or the deep red breasts of the male fregata
magnificens which fill up with more air than even Charlie Parker could manage, giving rise to a
ceremony of moving pneumatic seduction. And we’d have to carry on with the bright purple eyes
of the crabs, or the greyest of grey lava on the island of Santiago, which, if you take a closer look,
isn’t grey at all but an iridescent and marbled mix of mineral salts, coagulated by the magma in a
galvanic bath that extends over several square miles. And then the glossy, coal black of the
iguanas, which can also be citrus yellow or digital rainbows of iridescent scales, like the pixels in a
LED wall in Times Square. The colored and flamboyant fruits of the cosmic battle that we call
evolution mix with the military camouflage tints of sunhats, or the khaki trousers of the
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